Experienced Scholar, Speaker, Consultant and Educator in Retail, Strategic Management and Digital Business. Doctor of Science. 

Assistant Professor in Retail Operations Management at the Nottingham University Business School

#digitalization #ecommerce #platform economy #retail #services



Personal Profile

I’m leading the way in better understanding digital technologies and the impact of new digital business models and intermediaries, such as digital platforms, on traditional businesses and industries particularly in the retail and consumer services sector.

I am a dedicated, goal-oriented individual with a high-energy level, excellent communication and organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail, and a proven track record in getting things done whether it’s as a scholar, speaker, consultant or educator.

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Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, I'm a researcher and educator with an inherent interest in better understanding the world around us. Currently, I am working as Assistant Professor in Retail Operations Management at Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham, United Kingdom. 

Much of my research has concentrated on understanding the opportunities and challenges provided by new digital business models and services, particularly through technological innovation and the platform economy. Theoretically, my research interests focus on understanding the implications of the intertwining of humans and technology on both the micro- and macro-level dynamics of the society around us. I have worked with many companies in my research from start-ups to large multinational companies both in Finland and abroad. I love what I do, and I’m passionate about working with companies both big and small in my day-to-day work and research.

In total, I have 7 publications in the form of journal articles and/or book chapters, a strong research pipeline targeting the leading academics journals in the marketing, management, strategy interface, dozens of popular journal articles and news commentaries, in addition to experience of speaking to large crowds both as an educator and consultant. I frequently 

I spend my spare time with family and friends, traveling and exploring the world around me. I believe in an active lifestyle and the importance of maintaining a global perspective to life.

Whether it is help with navigating the possibilities provided by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba, or want to suggest any new research opportunities, I am always happy to connect and answer any questions, and perhaps, start a short- or long-term collaboration.

Please feel free to explore my visit and get to better know my background and where I'm coming from. Don't hesitate to ask if you see an opportunity for collaboration or want to know more. 



My Studies


August 2017 - May 2020


Aalto University School of Business - Espoo, Finland (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS) 
Dissertation committee chair: Arto Lindblom, Professor of Marketing

August 2011 - March 2016


Aalto University School of Business - Helsinki, Finland (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS)
Major: Marketing
Minor(s): Finance, International Business



Ongoing Research Projects

My research focuses primarily on digitalization and digital transformation in the marketing, management and strategy interface, both empirically and theoretically. My research interests relate broadly to understanding both the opportunities and challenges created by novel digital technologies and intermediaries across the retail value chain from the supplier to the customer. My research projects draw on both quantitative and qualitative methods, including case studies and advanced quantitative methods.



Understanding how novel digital intermediaries, such as digital platforms, shape the way that customers and complementors interact and transact.

#platform economy #platform work #platform capitalism #digitalization


Understanding how ecosystems are governed and how hubs orchestrate ecosystems to align on common initiatives.

#ecosystem #governmenance #alignment


Understanding how marketing practices are converging through both the opportunities and challenges provided by digitalization.

#digital marketing #big data #customer behavior





Hänninen, M. 2020. Digital Transaction Platforms: Forms, Mechanisms and Outcomes. Aalto University Publication Series. Doctoral Dissertations 47/2020. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/bitstream/handle/123456789/43512/isbn9789526038049.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

Refereed Journal Articles

Hänninen, M., and Paavola, L. 2020. Managing transformations in retail agglomerations: Case Itis shopping

center. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, forthcoming issue. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2020.102370

Hänninen, M., Luoma, J. and Mitronen,L. 2020. Information Standards in Retailing: A Review and Future

Outlook. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, forthcoming issue. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09593969.2020.1845224

Hänninen, M., Kwan, S. and Mitronen, L. 2020. From the store to omnichannel retail: looking back over three

decades of research. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, forthcoming issue. 


Hänninen, M. 2019. Review of Studies on Digital Transaction Platforms in Marketing Journals. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, forthcoming issue.  https://doi.org/10.1080/09593969.2019.1651380

Hänninen, M., Mitronen, L. and Kwan, S., 2019. Multi-Sided Marketplaces and the Transformation of Retail: A Service Systems Perspective. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. 49, pp. 380-388. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2019.04.015

Hänninen, M., and Smedlund, A., 2019. The New Rules of Retail: How Marketplaces Help Retail to Shift from a Customer Engagement to Supplier Engagement Mind-Set. Strategy and Leadership, 47(1), pp.37-43. https://doi.org/10.1108/SL-04-2018-0036

Hänninen, M., Smedlund, A. and Mitronen, L., 2018. Digitalization in retailing: multi-sided platforms as drivers of industry transformation. Baltic Journal of Management, 13(2), pp.152-168.  https://doi.org/10.1108/BJM-04-2017-0109

Book Chapters

Hänninen, M. New Business Models and the Transformation of the Retail Exchange Logic: A snapshot of Platforms and Digitalization. Oxford University Press, Oxford, forthcoming.

Hänninen M., Paavola L. (2020) Digital Platforms and Industry Change. In: Lehtimäki H., Uusikylä P., Smedlund A. (eds) Society as an Interaction Space. Translational Systems Sciences, vol 22. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-0069-5_10

Hänninen, M., Rusanen, O. and Paavola, L., 2018. Creating the Foundation for a Functioning Internal Platform. In Collaborative Value Co-creation in the Platform Economy (pp. 147-165). Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-10-8956-5_8





I have considerable experience in teaching marketing courses at the undergraduate (BSc), graduate (MSc) and executive (MBA) level over several years. In addition, I am interested and experienced in supervising students both in groups and one-on-one. Industry collaboration in the form of guest-lectures and life cases play an important part in my classes and I strongly believe in the importance of integrating case work into teaching, for example, via e-learning and other innovative tools and techniques. I was awarded the Aalto Emerging Marketing Educator award in 2019.

Courses Taught at Aalto University Open University: 

Retail Marketing (Co-instructor 2020 online), class size 40-50 students

Courses Taught at Aalto University, undergraduate (BSc) level:

Introduction to Marketing (Case instructor 2016 – 2019), class size 30-40 students

Retail Marketing (Co-instructor 2017 – ongoing), class size 30-40 students, 

Thesis seminar (2017 - ongoing), class size 15-20 students

Courses Taught at Aalto University, graduate (MSc) level:

Marketing strategy (Co-instructor 2016), class size 30-40 students 

Capstone (Co-instructor 2017), class size 30-40 students

Courses Taught at Aalto University Executive Education

Digital marketing (lead instructor, two days, 2019/2020), class size 10-15 students

Guest Lectures, Aalto University: 

Retail Marketing (2020), class size 30-40 students

EIT Digital Summer School (2018-2020), class size 40-50 students

Digital Marketing (2019), class size 20-30 students

Consumer Research (2019), class size 20-30 students

Guest Lectures, University of Helsinki:

Digital Marketing (2018-2019), class size 30-40 students

Student Business Projects Supervised:

2019 – SOK, ABC service station carwash business (2 students)

2018 – Kesko, private label brand portfolio development (2 students)

2017 – SOK, e-commerce sustainability (3 students)

Thesis supervision:

25 Bachelor's thesis

1 Master's thesis




I regularly contribute to media about my research and have appeared as an expert commentator in TV, radio, print and online news articles. I also write regularly about current marketing related topics to a number of newspapers and magazines as an expert columnist and commentator.

Media Appearances (Selected)

11/2020 - Expert interview to PostNord about Ecommerce trends https://www.postnord.fi/tietoa-postnordista/ajankohtaista/asiakaslehti-tempo/verkkokaupan-kiireisin-sesonki-kolkuttaa

11/2020 - Expert interview to Swedish Chamber of Commerce about Amazon

08/2020 - Expert interview to Vasabladet about Amazon entry to Nordics: https://www.vasabladet.fi/Artikel/Visa/389347

07/2020 - Expert interview to HBL about Amazon entry to Nordics https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/forskare-amazon-lansering-i-sverige-kan-vara-forsta-steg-mot-etablering-i-finland/

07/2020 - Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat about platform economy and food delivery market https://www.hs.fi/talous/art-2000006571550.html

07/2020 - Expert interview to Yle TV/Radio/Internet about retail store automization https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11431513

06/2020 - Op-ed in Kauppalehti business magazine about effect of Covid-19 on specialty retail https://www-kauppalehti-fi.libproxy.aalto.fi/uutiset/koronakriisi-on-erottanut-jyvat-akanoista-erikoiskaupassa/51d07545-e588-40d2-9618-b1c6640833d3

06/2020 - Avarda blog about Ecommerce in China https://www.avarda.com/fi/yritys/avarda/uutishuone/kiina-verkkokaupan-edellaekaevijaenae/

06/2020 - Sanoma Blog about COVID-19 and retail business model sustainability https://media.sanoma.fi/ajankohtaista/2020-06-24-koronakriisi-toi-mukanaan-digiloikan-mutta-vastuullisuus-ja-kannattavuus

06/2020 - Expert interview to Logxellence about retail and e-commerce developments https://www.logxellence.fi/2020/06/08/vahittaiskauppa-tarvitsee-uuden-ajan-logistiikkaa/

05/2020 - Podcast about e-commerce in Finland Part 1: https://podcast.letsdoit.fi/episodit/mika-on-verkkokaupan-tilanne-suomessa-ja-mita-erityispiirteita-meilla-on-vieraana-mikko-hanninen--osa-1 

Part 2: https://podcast.letsdoit.fi/episodit/aiheena-verkkokauppa-osa-2-verkkokauppa-alustat-ja-b2b--vieraana-mikko-hanninen

04/2020 - Op-ed in Kauppalehti business magazine about Finnish department store chain Stockmann https://www-kauppalehti-.fi/uutiset/tutkija-stockmannin-turmio-johtuu-pitkalti-siita-etta-yhtio-unohti-asiakkaansa/2a97b026-3718-4c01-a3c8-edb819acd9ab

03/2020 - Op-ed in Kauppalehti business magazine about COVID-19 and online retailing https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/koronakriisi-merkitsee-kaannekohtaa-verkkokaupalle-nakyy-muuallakin-kuin-ruoan-verkkokaupassa/009184a3-f017-4538-8a58-10e65c9cf827 

03/2020 - Article in Effektivitet on Digital Platforms as Drivers of Industry Transformation https://effektivitet.dk/magasin/e-handel-og-last-mile-logistik/digital-platforms-as-drivers-of-retail-transformation/

03/2020 - Expert interview to Lännen Media about online grocery shopping https://www.satakunnankansa.fi/a/0ef4b2db-e666-4e01-bee2-219f36b9e188

01/2020 - Expert interview to Yhteishyvä magazine about grocery shopping trends https://yhteishyva.fi/artikkeli/tulevaisuuden-ruokakauppa-on-elamyskeskus-kauppoje/2orfAxnfpSc3eIdvhUrOzS

12/2019 - Avarda blog about online groceries https://www.avarda.com/fi/yritys/avarda/uutishuone/ruoan-verkkokauppa/

12/2019 - Expert interview to STT news about Post-Christmas sales https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/joulun-jalkeiset-alennusmyynnit-alkaneet-jalleen-jatkuvat-alennuskampanjat-laskevat-joulualen-merkitysta/7672070

12/2019 - Expert interview to ESS Souther Finland daily newspaper about e-commerce pricing https://www.ess.fi/uutiset/paijathame/art2589870

12/2019 – Expert interview to ESS Southern Finland daily newspaper on e-commerce logistics trends https://www.ess.fi/uutiset/paijathame/art2587395

12/2019 – Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat about reviews and ratings in digital channels https://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006353727.html

12/2019 – Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat about property development in urban Helsinki https://www.hs.fi/kaupunki/art-2000006354550.html

12/2019 – Expert interview to Yhteishyvä, S-Group retail chain customer magazine, about shopping trends for 2020 https://yhteishyva.fi/Yhteishyv%C3%A4n-n%C3%A4k%C3%B6islehti

12/2019 – Expert interview to YLE News (TV, radio and online) about customer reviews and their use by organizations, including the public sector https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11115019

11/2019 – Op-ed in Kauppalehti business magazine about Amazon and its current as well as potential impact on Finnish retail https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/amazonin-suomen-markkinapaikalla-olisi-voimakas-vaikutus/f28fad67-4b51-44f8-aff3-5dc67d736d15

11/2019 – Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat about the Finnish postal strike and its consequences https://www.hs.fi/talous/art-2000006304458.html

11/2019 – Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper about shopping centre development https://www.hs.fi/kaupunki/art-2000006303275.html

11/2019 – Expert interview to YLE News about K-Citymarket Järvenpää awarded IGD Store of the Year award https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11059655

10/2019 – Expert interview to PostNord about upcoming e-commerce trends https://www.postnord.fi/tietoa-postnordista/ajankohtaista/asiakaslehti-tempo/vastuullisuus-vetaa-verkkokauppaa

10/2019 – Expert interview to Paytrail about e-commerce sustainability https://www.paytrail.com/blog/kuluttaja-mielt%C3%A4%C3%A4-lokalisoidun-verkkokaupan-suomalaiseksi

09/2019 – Op-ed in Kauppalehti business magazine on e-commerce and declining mail volumes https://www.kauppalehti-fi/uutiset/postit-ovat-jaamassa-verkkokauppajattien-jalkoihin/7e095892-72de-4bb2-9125-341ffeae0341

03/2019 – Expert interview on online grocery retail for Point, Hartwall’s magazine https://issuu.com/otavamedia_asiakasviestinta/stacks/89e708e0d9644d18bbab8a13f176cf98

12/2018 – Expert interview on Amazon’s entry to the Nordics for Hufvudstadsbladet daily newspaper https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/det-blir-ingen-nordisk-nathandel-for-amazon-nu-men-kan-vara-nasta-steg/

10/2018 - Expert interview to Kauppalehti about Amazon from the perspective of SME's https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/tutkija-suomalaistuotteiden-kysynta-kasvaisi-amazonin-myota-huomattavasti/d5d71ec5-d18f-34ec-9351-e9f0e7432773

09/2018 – Expert interview to Tempo (PostNord) about last mile delivery https://www.postnord.fi/tietoa-postnordista/ajankohtaista/asiakaslehti-tempo

09/2018 – Expert interview to OP magazine about e-commerce https://op.media/teemat/pinnalla/verkkokauppa-hurjassa-nousussa-suomalaiset-kaupat-ovat-jaamassa-ulkomaisten-jattien-jalkoihin-83ab5cbd97fe49daafc0c4e9a560a5de

08/2018 – Expert interview to Iltalehti daily newspaper about the ”brushing” phenomena https://www.iltalehti.fi/digiuutiset/a/201808202201148869

06/2018 – Expert interview to Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper about Amazon’s potential entry to Finland https://www.hs.fi/talous/art-2000005729450.html?share=f038e0fa374a069e3eedf43daad7453f

06/2018 – Guest on daily primetime TV talk show (YLE A-Studio) discussing about Amazon and e-commerce

05/2018 – Op-ed to Kauppalehti business magazine on retailer capabilities in the age of e-commerce https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/mielipide-kaupan-toimijoiden-pitaa-tunnistaa-tulevaisuuden-kilpailutekijat/3fe5e3a9-49a0-3f60-b5aa-d51b6f68dbe3

03/2018 – Expert interview to STT Finnish News Service about Amazon’s potential entry to Finland as well as online grocery retailing (published in dozens of Finnish regional newspaper) https://www.savonsanomat.fi/talous/Amazonin-tulo-Suomeen-saattaisi-mullistaa-ruoan-verkkokaupan/1123361

11/2017 – Op-ed to Kauppalehti about the platform economy and the need to realize its also positive outcomes in many industries https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/mielipide-alustataloudesta-loytyy-myos-paikallisia-menestystarinoita/b4787cc7-d30d-3f20-b791-c78eb1d302fb

05/2017 – Op-ed to Kauppalehti about last-mile delivery https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/debatti-pakettiautomaattien-suosio-kasvaa-verkkokaupan-mukana/eb08ece6-e675-3f5a-bc20-2121f7cfbef6

03/2017 – Expert interview to Taloussanomat business newspaper about Chinese e-ecommerce https://www.is.fi/taloussanomat/art-2000005131407.html

11/2016 – Op-ed to Kauppalehti business newspaper about Chinese e-commerce https://www.kauppalehti-fi/uutiset/tutkija-selvitti-kiinalainen-verkkokauppa-suomalaiselle-halvin-melkein-aina/c40f96bd-7208-368c-a9f0-129b8ad1c87a?fb_comment_id=1156480761104125_1157784277640440 

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It is very important that my research has implications and impact also outside academia, and the ability to influence both public discourse and public policy. I, therefore, regularly engage in industry collaboration through research, seminars, workshops and presentations with small, medium and large firms. I also do ad-hoc consultancy assignments. Please let me know your needs!



Platform Economy 
Online Retailing
Digital Marketing


Platform Business Design
Retail Business Management
Digital Marketing Strategy


Developing Platform Business Models 
Managing Digital Businesses
Online Retailing
Marketplace strategies (e.g. Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten)


Consumer Research
Market Research
Industry Analysis
Case Study


Mikko Hänninen

Assistant Professor

Nottingham University Business School

Operations Management and Information Systems Division

7301 Wollaton Road



+358 40 353 7357

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